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Sanitary Water - Irrigation system In countries around the world as well as in Mexico.

Sanitary drinking water is something that especially people from the United States who vacation in these countries and the residents of these countries should have and want.  The governments and people need to put this clean and sanitary drinking water priority at the top of their list for global health.  Also the people of these countries (governmental people too)

 need to be educated in the importance of clean drinking water and that clean drinking water is a priority because 90% of the human body is made up of water.  After talking to a Hewlett Packard Support Agent, in the Philippines, it was learned on a first and basis that a lot of people from these countries, like the Philippines, don't even know that the human body is made up of 90% water, and a clean drinking water system is very important to them.  Not only so that Philippine residents and/or some tourist don't risk dehydration or any sickness, also though like the HP tech said, "IT WOULD PROBABLY MAKE YOUR SKIN LOOK BETTER TOO!"  These are basics drinking the necessary amount of water each day is for proper skin moisture.  The HP Tech asked me "and people are supposed to drink a certain number of 8oz. glasses of water everyday too, aren’t they?"   Yes. The HP technician Kim is in Law School in the Philippines right now, he said that, he was studying while he helped me.  And he said that he would when he graduated from law school he would pursue sanitary drinking water in the Philippines, as a lawyer.  Also he's going to a town hall meeting for now and asking the government representatives there why they don't have the mechanism that he can derive now for a city sanitary underground irrigated water system and sewage, or waste management disposal and control.  As well as any other actions that he can take to get sanitary, clean water in the Philippines.  But GREEKS they need our support.

At least a few countries that need a clean water system are:


Mexico, our neighboring country


Please help, (in this global community service), some(or one) of your sorority, or fraternity brothers or sisters could be visiting or residing in one of these countries right now having to worry about the water condition, including how to eat and drink healthily, and safely. That's awful!

"Greek Love"